Reynolds Battles His Personal Demons

Ryan Reynolds Battles His Personal Demons{nl}By Derek Isetti{nl}{nl}Hollywood seems compelled to relegate its actors into very specific categories or ?types.? Thankfully, there are those rare occasions when an actor is reinvented in an entirely new light. Such is the case with Ryan Reynolds? menacing and disturbing performance in The Amityville Horror.{nl}{nl}Just when he had established himself as ?the funny guy? ripe with one-liners, Reynolds decided to fight for a chance to play perhaps one of the darkest roles in recent years. While his performance is utterly convincing in the film, it was refreshing to know that the actor?s own personality is as witty and endearing as ever. I had an opportunity to chat with Reynolds prior to the release of Amityville to find out why this lighthearted comedian was drawn to such a dark role.

Steps into the light

Ryan Reynolds: the funny guy on the sidelines steps into the light{nl}{nl}May 2005{nl}By Sarah Wilson{nl}{nl}In the new version of The Amityville Horror, Ryan Reynolds plays George Lutz,{nl}a young family man who can’t seem to catch a break from the ghosts that threaten{nl}his stake in an idyllic American life. Fittingly, the 28-year-old Canadian actor{nl}knows a thing or two about being discouraged from a dream. Upon arriving in Los{nl}Angeles from his native Vancouver to try his hand at stand-up comedy, Reynolds{nl}received a less than warm welcome. "My car got jacked the first{nl}night," he says. Perseverance paid off, however, and he soon landed the{nl}film role for which he is best known, the hard-partying campus king in National{nl}Lampoon’s Van Wilder (2001). While subsequent films like The In-Laws (2003) and{nl}Blade: Trinity (2004) showcased Reynolds’s wisecracking wit, Amityville{nl}represents a departure. "1 love that I got this opportunity to do something{nl}so different," he says. "It’s a very grounded drama within a genre{nl}film." After Amityville, he’ll return to comedy in Best Friends, which{nl}co-stars Anna Farris and features a cameo by his fiance, Alanis Morrisette, who{nl}the actor met at a party two and a half years ago. "For some reason, the{nl}stars aligned that night," he says.

On-Set Interview: Amityville Horror

On-Set Interview: Ryan Reynolds – The Amityville Horror{nl}{nl}Posted: Monday September 27th, 2004 11:32pm{nl}Author: Brad Miska{nl}{nl}While walking off the set of ‘The Amityville Horror’ remake, Ryan Reynolds, who plays George Lutz in the film, chatted a little bit about his other upcoming film ‘Blade: Trinity’. He joked about the million different endings to the film and how he has commitment to do a sequel – or the spin-off, whether he wanted to or not. You may be used to the tall and thin Ryan Reynolds, but in his upcoming films, he may shock you with how in shape he is – think Brad Pitt in ‘Fight Club’. While walking to the interview room he talked about his commitment to getting in shape and sticking with it; if Ryan executes in ‘Amityville’ as much as he does in the gym – we’re in for a major treat.\

From comedy to ‘Horror’

Ryan Reynolds moves from comedy to ‘Horror'{nl}{nl}Oakland Tribune{nl}April 15, 2005{nl}{nl}RYAN REYNOLDS says he’s never been a scared or superstitious kind of guy. But when a dead body was discovered at a lake in Silver Lake, Wis., where the new remake of “The Amityville Horror” was being filmed, that freaked him out.{nl}{nl}”It was a very weird moment for all of us,” he said during a recent roundtable interview in Beverly Hills to promote the film. “I mean, wow. I still don’t think they found out just who the person was. It’s kind of an ominous way to start a movie.”{nl}{nl}And with a movie like “The Amityville Horror,” which is based on such a creepy story, it’s no wonder Reynolds and his co-stars wanted to close up shop for the day.{nl}{nl}”What are you going to do?'” he says. “The show must go on.”{nl}{nl}Like the original “Amityville Horror” from 1979, which starred James Brolin, Margot Kidder and Rod Steiger, this film revisits the 1974 true, grisly tale of Ronald DeFeo Jr., who confessed to shooting his parents and four siblings while they slept. He claimed “strange voices” in the Amityville, N.Y., house made him do it.{nl}{nl}One year later, George and Kathy Lutz (Ryan Reynolds and Melissa George in the new film) move into the house with their kids. They think they have their dream home, but it soon becomes a nightmare when unexplained and terrifying events start to occur.{nl}{nl}Reynolds, 28, who appeared in “National Lampoon’s Van Wilder” and last year as the action hero in “Blade: Trinity,” says that portraying an adult father figure in a horror film was quite a departure for him. It even made him a bit nervous.

Ryan Reynolds on Smokin’ Aces

Ryan Reynolds on Smokin’ Aces{nl}January 22, 2007{nl}{nl}Ryan Reynolds has been in some violent movies before, Blade: Trinity and Amityville Horror in particular. Smokin’ Aces takes it to a new level though with Joe Carnahan’s stylish blend of bullets and blood.{nl}{nl}Interview: Ryan Reynolds Talks Preventing Smokin’ Aces{nl}”I’ve certainly never been in a movie that’s had this unique brand of unblinking violence before, so that’s sort of new for me,” said Reynolds. “But it’s like any other role. You tackle it in the same way and you try to find the truth to it and I was really caught with this guy who was trapped in this bureaucratic FBI cluster-f*ck, for lack of a better word, and because of that loses someone that is very dear to him. So for me it was just playing the truth of that the whole time and I was sort of alone throughout the movie because my character is sort of a rogue player and he kind of arrives to the party a little late.”

Opportunities knock

Opportunities knock{nl}Ryan Reynolds gets many chances to show ‘what I can do'{nl}{nl}The Vancouver Sun{nl}Published: Friday, January 26, 2007{nl}{nl}PARK CITY, Utah — To some, Ryan Reynolds’ screen presence is a matter of his six-pack abs, but those who see the Vancouver-born actor as little more than macho eye candy are in for a significant surprise this year as Reynolds proves he’s got the right stuff — above the belt.{nl}{nl}For starters, Reynolds is here at the Sundance Film Festival with what is undeniably an “art film” called The Nines directed and written by John August, the screenwriter behind Go, The Corpse Bride, Big Fish and the indie film God. Reynolds can also be seen in Smokin’ Aces, a Vegas-set thriller featuring Jeremy Piven as a mobster turning state evidence which opens today. And over the coming months, Reynolds will be holding down the marquee on Definitely, Maybe as well as Chaos Theory, two movies that contain neither bleeding walls nor vomiting frat boys.

Reynolds plans unusual hit

Reynolds plans unusual hit{nl}{nl}By Erin McWhirter{nl}February 06, 2007 05:04am{nl}{nl}HOLLYWOOD actor Ryan Reynolds is planning to take an east coast road trip on his latest visit to Australia.{nl}{nl}But his unusual motive will send animal welfare groups into a spin.{nl}{nl}”I am going to try and hit a kangaroo. It’s a little malicious I know, but that’s my goal,” the 30-year-old joked at the MySpace premiere of his latest film Smokin’ Aces in Sydney last night.{nl}{nl}Reynolds last visited in December 2004 for the Australian premiere of Blade: Trinity.

Ryan’s single and smokin’

Ryan’s single and smokin'{nl}{nl}Daily Telegraph{nl}By Sarrah Le Marquand, Film Editor{nl}February 07, 2007 12:00{nl}{nl}STILL fighting a bad case of jet lag after flying into Sydney on Sunday, a weary Ryan Reynolds managed to fend off questions about his split from long-time fiancee Alanis Morrissette.{nl}{nl}Despite official confirmation yesterday from the couple’s US publicists that their engagement was call off just days ago, the 31-year-old remained upbeat while on the promo trail for his latest flick, Smokin’ Aces.{nl}{nl}Denying the timing of the break-up made his promotional duties more difficult than usual, the Canadian actor told film editor Sarrah Le Marquand he was holding up fine.{nl}{nl}”I have a pretty firm boundary which is that I’m not going to talk about it so I’m protecting me from any of that stuff as I walk into an interview,” Reynolds said.{nl}{nl}Spending time in Sydney with his Smokin’ co-star Joel Edgerton and with a roadtrip planned next week, Reynolds looks to have settled comfortably into the bachelor world.{nl}{nl}”I’m going up to Brisbane on a motorcycle,” he said. “I’m really looking forward to it.” His love affair with locals has been fostered while working with the gum leaf mafia including Melissa George, Dominic Purcell and Isla Fisher.

Fun, guns and a soulful song

Fun, guns and a soulful song{nl}{nl}By Sarrah Le Marquand{nl}Daily Telepgrah{nl}February 08, 2007 12:48pm{nl}{nl}THE Wilson Phillips girl-power ballad Hold On makes an unlikely soundtrack for the ultra-violent crime caper Smokin’ Aces, yet it was at the director’s request that Ryan Reynolds repeatedly sung the soulful tune during the shoot. Of course the cameras weren’t actually rolling during the performances – a good thing since Reynolds admits he put a decidedly non-G-rated spin on the song.{nl}{nl}Impromptu song and dance numbers were a regular occurrence on the set of Smokin’ Aces, all at the behest of writer-director Joe Carnahan, who entertained his cast and crew by playing DJ between scenes. “It’s the first set I’ve ever been on where people who weren’t working on a particular day would just come by to watch and see what’s happening,” Reynolds says.{nl}{nl}”It was a pretty lively cast and for such a diverse group of people it was a surprisingly cordial and cohesive unit.”{nl}{nl}The group included Reynolds, Ben Affleck, Andy Garcia, Jeremy Piven, Jason Bateman, Ray Liotta and muso-turned-fledgling-actor Alicia Keys. Not to mention local boy Joel Edgerton, who dons a thick accent and tracksuit to play a less-than-bright bodyguard.

Scares with ‘The Amityville Horror’

Ryan Reynolds Goes For Scares with ‘The Amityville Horror'{nl}From Rebecca Murray{nl}April 11, 2005{nl}{nl}Known for his roles in comedies (?Van Wilder,? ?The In-Laws,? the TV series ?Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place?), Ryan Reynolds has recently ventured into the horror genre with starring roles in ?Blade: Trinity? and the 2005 remake of ?The Amityville Horror.? Reynolds calls ?The Amityville Horror? the ?greatest American haunted house story ever told? and signed on to the remake early in the process.{nl}{nl}?The Amityville Horror? producers Andrew Form and Brad Fuller admit Reynolds wasn?t the most obvious choice to star as George Lutz in the MGM remake of the 1979 horror film, based on the true story of George and Kathy Lutz.

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