Deadpool “Colossus” TV Spot

The newly-released TV spot for “Deadpool” offers a quick look at Stefan Kapicic’s Colossus.


“Deadpool” Denied Release in China Due to Graphic Violence

According to The Hollywood Reporter, “Deadpool” has been denied permission to screen in China due to its violence, nudity and graphic language. A source close to the decision at China Film Group tells THR that the reports are indeed accurate.

China’s censorship authorities often work with Hollywood studios to create special cleaned-up cuts of R-rated movies, but sources close to the Deadpool decision say it wasn’t possible to excise the offending material without causing plot problems. China has no ratings system, so the country’s media regulator, the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television (SAPPRFT), makes an up-down judgment on all film imports, approving or banning them for consumption by Chinese viewers of all ages.

Despite the film’s more adult tone and content, many observers had predicted that Deadpool would find a way into the China market, thanks to the Marvel imprimatur.

Deadpool “Canadian Rules Football” TV Spot

Fox released a new Deadpool TV spot during the NFL playoffs on Saturday. It’s mostly identical to the previous spot but with 5% more footage that comes towards the end.


“Deadpool” Fan Appreciation Vsauce Event

“Deadpool” Fan Appreciation Vsauce Event

Vsauce is organizing two fan appreciation events for “Deadpool” in Los Angeles and New York City on January 18. They promised a sneak peek at exclusive, never-before-seen first-look footage from the movie. Click on the links above for registration details!

“Deadpool” is officially rated R

We knew for a long time that the production was aiming for an R rating, to give fans what they really want when it comes to the violence and bad language that is a staple of the Deadpool character. The film has been screened for the MPAA and has been given an official R rating, for “strong violence and language throughout, sexual content and graphic nudity.”

“Deadpool” Valentine’s Day Banner

“Deadpool” Valentine’s Day Banner

20th Century Fox has released a new rom-com style promotional banner for Deadpool — a slightly different tone than we’ve come to expect from the film. Another brilliant marketing campaign! With the V-day release, it’s only appropriate to have something like this to promote the movie. Click on the below two banners for bigger view.

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Deadpool “Round House Kick” TV Spot

Fox has debuted another ridiculous new TV spot for Deadpool. There’s a tiny bit of new footage – they’re billing this as the hot new TV spot with a “Round House Kick”! They must’ve cut this for some Valentine’s Day promo or something.


“Deadpool” Taiwan Promotion Schedule

Ryan is set to make an appearance in Taiwan on January 20-22, 2016 to promote “Deadpool”. Apparently, Taiwan will be his only stop in Asia among the movie’s global promotional events. If you happen to be there during his planned visit, take note and lots and lots of pictures :)

Empire “Deadpool” Issue Preview

Empire “Deadpool” Issue Preview

We have seen the cover and we are now given a preview into what the issue has to offer. Once again, the issue will be available from December 31st so be sure to pick up a copy should you have access to it. Otherwise, check back in a couple of days for high quality scans from the magazine.

The February issue of Empire arrives on newsstands on December 31, just in time to brief you on all of 2016’s movie gems. We already know who the year’s most outrageously sweary, violent and generally nutsoid figure will be. He’s practically edited the issue and humbly stuck himself on the cover.

Yes, this month’s topliner is Wade Wilson, AKA Deadpool, the subject of an unprecedented fourth-wall-breaking cover feature about the creation of the least likely superhero movie since… well, ever. The man who plays him isn’t remotely as deranged, although Ryan Reynolds does have a refreshingly leftfield and candid take on Hollywood life. Reynolds fans (Rey-Reys? Golden Reynoldies?) will find an exclusive Empire photoshoot with the great man within the issue’s pages.

P.S. I love Rey-Reys! :)

Empire Magazine “Deadpool” Issue Cover

Empire Magazine “Deadpool” Issue Cover

Empire just released a preview to the cover of their February 2016 issue featuring Ryan as “Deadpool” and a short clip of Ryan promoting the magazine. The issue is expected to hit the newsstands on December 31. We will be sure to have scans from the magazine as soon as we get our hands on it.

Christmas may be over, but we have an extra present for you. And this is not necessarily one Santa would approve of. Empire’s latest cover presents Marvel’s Deadpool – the most foul-mouthed, filthiest, fourth wall-breakiest superhero of them all – gracing the front of our magazine for the very first time.

And if that wasn’t enough, we have an extra present for you. As part of our coverage, Wade Wilson himself has recorded a special video message urging you all to buy the new issue, lest he strike you down with his katanas.

As The Merc With A Mouth accurately reveals, each issue of the new magazine will come with a “limited edition eye infection” for every reader, and the opinions expressed in this issue are “exclusive to the Prime Minister of England”. Who knew?

Keep your eyes peeled on Empire Online for loads more Deadpool exclusives in the coming days, including a sublime subscriber’s cover, tons of exclusives, the usual unparalleled access, and more.

The Deadpool issue hits the newsstands on December 31st, giving you plenty of time to swot up for the February 2016 release of the Deadpool movie. Daddy needs to express some rage…

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