Fun, guns and a soulful song

Fun, guns and a soulful song{nl}{nl}By Sarrah Le Marquand{nl}Daily Telepgrah{nl}February 08, 2007 12:48pm{nl}{nl}THE Wilson Phillips girl-power ballad Hold On makes an unlikely soundtrack for the ultra-violent crime caper Smokin’ Aces, yet it was at the director’s request that Ryan Reynolds repeatedly sung the soulful tune during the shoot. Of course the cameras weren’t actually rolling during the performances – a good thing since Reynolds admits he put a decidedly non-G-rated spin on the song.{nl}{nl}Impromptu song and dance numbers were a regular occurrence on the set of Smokin’ Aces, all at the behest of writer-director Joe Carnahan, who entertained his cast and crew by playing DJ between scenes. “It’s the first set I’ve ever been on where people who weren’t working on a particular day would just come by to watch and see what’s happening,” Reynolds says.{nl}{nl}”It was a pretty lively cast and for such a diverse group of people it was a surprisingly cordial and cohesive unit.”{nl}{nl}The group included Reynolds, Ben Affleck, Andy Garcia, Jeremy Piven, Jason Bateman, Ray Liotta and muso-turned-fledgling-actor Alicia Keys. Not to mention local boy Joel Edgerton, who dons a thick accent and tracksuit to play a less-than-bright bodyguard.

Scares with ‘The Amityville Horror’

Ryan Reynolds Goes For Scares with ‘The Amityville Horror'{nl}From Rebecca Murray{nl}April 11, 2005{nl}{nl}Known for his roles in comedies (?Van Wilder,? ?The In-Laws,? the TV series ?Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place?), Ryan Reynolds has recently ventured into the horror genre with starring roles in ?Blade: Trinity? and the 2005 remake of ?The Amityville Horror.? Reynolds calls ?The Amityville Horror? the ?greatest American haunted house story ever told? and signed on to the remake early in the process.{nl}{nl}?The Amityville Horror? producers Andrew Form and Brad Fuller admit Reynolds wasn?t the most obvious choice to star as George Lutz in the MGM remake of the 1979 horror film, based on the true story of George and Kathy Lutz.

New Owner

Hi, my name is Cecile and I’ll be taking over this Ryan Reynolds fansite. Right now (as you can see) the site is under construction and most of the original content is currently offline. (pretty much the only thing left online is the original gallery).{nl}{nl}I’ll be working on this new layout for a while probably, but please check back soon, because I intent to have this Ryan Reynolds fansite up and running in no time!

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