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‘Free Guy’ First Trailer Release

I will hopefully be adding screencaptures of the trailer to the gallery very soon.

Deadpool “Blind Al” TV Spot

A new “Deadpool” TV spot is released with a new footage of Blind Al, Deadpool‘s longtime comic book companion and sidekick.


Deadpool “X-Men Blackbird” Clip

In the latest snippet, released to Twitter, much of footage repeated, all of which is seemingly unremarkable except for one quick shot of the X-Men’s Blackbird.


“Deadpool” Australia Day TV Spot

20th Century Fox continues to roll out one of the best marketing campaigns with a new Deadpool promo in celebration of Australia Day (well, sort of…). Take a look at what he has to say for the people down under, and we all know he’s gonna bring up Hugh Jackman :)

Deadpool “Angel Dust” TV Spot

20th Century Fox has released a new TV spot for “Deadpool” with a new footage showing Gina Carano’s Angle Dust fighting one of the major characters in the movie and a new ‘money shot’ scene.


Deadpool “Colossus” TV Spot

The newly-released TV spot for “Deadpool” offers a quick look at Stefan Kapicic’s Colossus.


Deadpool “Canadian Rules Football” TV Spot

Fox released a new Deadpool TV spot during the NFL playoffs on Saturday. It’s mostly identical to the previous spot but with 5% more footage that comes towards the end.


Deadpool “Round House Kick” TV Spot

Fox has debuted another ridiculous new TV spot for Deadpool. There’s a tiny bit of new footage – they’re billing this as the hot new TV spot with a “Round House Kick”! They must’ve cut this for some Valentine’s Day promo or something.


“Self/less” First Official Trailer

New “The Captive” Trailer

Check out the newly released trailer for “The Captive” that will get a US release later this year.