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Ryan stops by ‘The Late Night with Jimmy Fallon’

I was able to find a full HD version of the visit that Ryan did with Jimmy Fallon. Below are about 600+ 1080p screencaptures.

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Is Green Lantern Coming to Arrow?

TVGUIDE.COM – Oliver Queen might not be the only green superhero on Arrow.

As The CW’s super series heads towards its first season finale, Oliver (Stephen Amell) will work against the clock during the island flashbacks to prevent Fyers (Sebastian Dunn) from fulfilling his mission of shooting down a Ferris Air jetliner. Yes, the same Ferris Air that’s generally equated to Hal Jordan’s Green Lantern.

Even though producers have vowed to keep the world of Arrow grounded in realism — don’t expect an appearance from the high-flying Superman anytime soon — the possibility of introducing Green Lantern isn’t so far-fetched since Arrow executive producers Marc Guggenheim and Greg Berlanti wrote the screenplay for 2011’s Green Lantern.

Though Arrow writer Ben Sokolowski initially pitched the idea of the nod to the other emerald DC Comics character — who is also a member of the Justice League and has teamed up with Green Arrow in several comic storylines — Guggenheim says it really spoke to him because of his connection to the film. “If all goes according to plan, when you see the Ferris Air logo later in the season, it will be the same logo that we established in the movie. I like tips of the hat.”

But before fan boys get too excited, Guggenheim admits that the world of Arrow does not take place in the same universe as the Green Lantern film. Still, he doesn’t rule out possibly meeting Hal Jordan or Carol Ferris, portrayed by Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively, respectively, in the film. “I would never say never,” he says. “It’s certainly something that we’ve talked about.

“As with all DC characters, we have to figure out a way for those characters to fit within our Arrow universe,” he continues. “But when you consider the importance that Hal Jordan plays in the Green Arrow comics, it’s certainly one of those names that we’ve discussed a great deal. I have Ryan Reynolds’ phone number around here somewhere.”

ABC Orders Pilots for Ryan Reynolds’ Sleuth Dramedy

ABC has greenlit several projects which may make into its programming lineup in the near future. The network’s selection is varied from dramedy “Murder in Manhattan” to supernatural drama “Gothica”.

Executive produced by Ryan Reynolds along with Allan Loeb, Jonathan Komack Martin and Steven Pearl, “Murder in Manhattan” is described as an hourlong sleuth show which focuses on an amateur mother-daughter investigative team working in the Big Apple. Maria Maggenti will provide the script in addition to joining the executive producing team.

Source: Ace Showbiz

‘Family Guy’ Preview: Ryan Reynolds is the Other Son of God

For a season of ‘Family Guy‘ that’s already featured Johnny Depp reprising the iconic role of Edward Scissorhands, you’d think the celebrity quotient would have been met. Not so! After appearing once as himself as well as in Seth MacFarlane’s feature-film debut ‘Ted,’ Ryan Reynolds makes his second ‘Family Guy’ appearance with this Sunday’s “Jesus, Mary and Joseph,” guesting as the son of God you never knew. Are you ready to meet Ryan Reynolds, your lord and savior in the latest clip?

Continuing the never-ending cavalcade of celebrity guest stars, this Sunday’s Nativity-themed ‘Family Guy’ “Jesus, Mary and Joseph!” will feature Ryan Reynolds in a brief, and even nigh-unrecognizable voice-over turn. Reynolds will appear in one of the show’s trademark cutaways, portraying a “forerunner” to the sun of God.

Like so many other of the show’s parodies, the episode will feature Peter casting the family into the roles of the Nativity, with an expectedly short-changed role for poor Meg. The episode will see the last new ‘Family Guy’ of the year, but it certainly isn’t the last we’ll hear from Seth MacFarlane.

Check out the latest ‘Family Guy’ clips of Ryan Reynolds role in “Jesus, Mary and Joseph!” below. The episode airs on Sunday at 9/8c on FOX.

Source: Screencrush