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‘Van Wilder’ Blu-Ray Captures Added

‘Van Wilder’ Blu-Ray Captures Added

I’ve replaced the DVD quality screen caps of Ryan appearing in the ‘Van Wilder’ movie with blu-ray captures into the gallery.

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Ryan Reynolds on masturbating to The Mission and making out with Patrick Warburton

EMPIREONLINE.COM – Ryan Rodney Reynolds has already proved himself to be one of the finest alliterative actors around, and now he’s trying his hand at voice acting with The Croods before taking on the title role in Turbo. In the latest Empire Podcast there are five minutes of the following Ryan Reynolds interview, but here’s the full, uncompromised transcript in which the Canadian actor offers up interesting tidbits on Deadpool, Justice League, masturbating to The Mission and making out with Patrick Warburton.

NB: Just before the interview began we introduced Reynolds to Marks & Spencers’ Percy Pigs, and it’s safe to say he loved them. This is important because of something he says later (believe it or not…).

We spoke to Denzel Washington recently for about 45 minutes for the release of Flight. And he was talking about… Safe House 2.
Yes… Safe House 2. It would be interesting how they solve one little tricky problem in that. I don’t know. I mean, I’m not literate, but I do recall having the script read to me before we began shooting in South Africa. But yeah, I’ve been approached about it and I don’t know. The script is in development – it should be around in a month I think. We’ll see. I don’t know.

Could it be a prequel?
Well a prequel wouldn’t work either because we wouldn’t have met, we wouldn’t be together. I mean, a prequel would work with Denzel. I think that’d be an interesting film. A sequel… I don’t know. We’ll see.

Speaking of sequels, when can we expect Buried 2?
Wow, that’s… you know what? I’m not in charge of the Lionsgate Studio stupid ideas department. If I were, I could share some great stupid ideas I have. Unburied 2 – he’s back and deader than ever.

How did you recover from that shoot? Because I know it was arduous to put it mildly.
I had no idea it would be that intense. It was just 16 days of shooting, which is nothing in normal film terms. That’s rehearsal. But halfway through I was just so destroyed – I had no voice left. And my body was just so cut and bruised… I never thought I would be so beat up. And so I booked a holiday for after the shoot, a beach vacation. I had never done that before. I always liked to turn my vacations into the Amazing Race or something.

Anyway, I booked this beach vacation and I remember getting there and putting my head down in the sand and all I could think about was all the sand I’d been putting my backside on in Buried. I’d burned a bald patch in the back of my head from the sand in the coffin, slamming my head against this thing. So I promptly stopped my holiday after a day and a half and I just and went back to Canada and hugged my Mom. I basically hugged my Mom for four straight days. Yep, it wasn’t at all weird for either of us.

You worked with Rodrigo Cortes on that film – was he sympathetic to that? I mean, you must have read the script and thought, okay, I’m gonna be in box for the duration of this, the entire movie.
Well, when you read the story, you’re like, “Okay, first of all, no one’s gonna see this.” And that’s fine, you know. But I just wanted to see if it could be done. I met with Rodrigo Cortes who insisted that it could be – and then he wrote me this 15-page manifesto on how he would do it and why he wanted to do it. And the why for him was because it’s impossible. The script is so good and so strong and if Alfred Hitchcock were alive today, he would try to do this. And I just got so swept up in his enthusiasm and it was a script I had actually had at my company for a long time…. So we were thrilled when Rodrigo came along.

Is that the biggest effort that somebody’s made to woo you to a project in your career? Have you had that experience before?
Yeah. I mean, studios will use money, whereas in the world of independent filmmaking it’s simply passion and earnestness. And that’s a world that I love – in fact, the last movie I just wrapped four days ago was a little Atom Egoyan film and the movie I’m about to start is a filmmaker you may or may not know – though at Empire I’m sure you will, actually – Marjane Satrapi. Do you know the name?

Yes, she made Persepolis, didn’t she?
She’s incredible. So I’m gonna go play a serial killer with her in Germany for a couple of months which will be fun. That’s another example of a time where you read the script and you think it’s impossible. How can you make this movie? It’s called The Voices, by the way.

What’s the holiday after that going to be?
Yeah, I know. Exactly.

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