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11 July 2014 Posted by

Check out the newly released trailer for “The Captive” that will get a US release later this year.

16 May 2014 Posted by

Film directed by Atom Egoyan also stars Rosario Dawson, Scott Speedman, Mireille Enos, Kevin Durand, and Bruce Greenwood.

Ryan Reynolds’ latest film, “The Captive,” has been acquired by A24, in partnership with DirecTV, for release in the United States. eOne Films International announced the sale, in conjunction with WME Global, Ego Film Arts and The Film Farm. A24 will release “The Captive” this fall.

The movie is the brainchild of Atom Egoyan, who developed the original story, wrote the screenplay with David Fraser, and directed the film. It also stars Scott Speedman (“Underworld”), Rosario Dawson (“Sin City”), Mireille Enos (“World War Z”), Kevin Durand (“Resident Evil: Retribution”), and Bruce Greenwood (“Star Trek Into Darkness”). A psychological thriller, “The Captive” is the story of what happens after a young daughter is abducted from the back seat of her father’s pick-up truck.

The film is described as examining “how this kidnapping destroys the relationships among those involved,” with many “complex threads weaving together the victim, her family, the predators and the investigators.”

“We are huge fans of Atom and are excited to be working with him on this incredible achievement”, said A24 in a statement. “The narrative is gripping and the cast is superb. We are looking forward to working with eOne and are excited for audiences to see have the chance to discover this film.”

Harold van Lier, President of eOne Films International said in a statement that they chose A24 because “they demonstrated the level of passion and commitment that we were looking for.”

“The Captive” is an official selection in competition at Cannes Film Festival 2014. Produced by Egoyan, Simone Urdl, Jennifer Weiss, and Stephen Traynor, it will be released in Canada and the UK by eOne directly.

13 May 2014 Posted by

Tatiana Maslany is in negotiations to join the cast of The Weinstein Co. and BBC’s The Woman in Gold.

Helen Mirren and Ryan Reynolds will star in the true story of a Holocaust survivor’s (Mirren) crusade to get back her long-lost family heirlooms including Gustav Klimt paintings from the Austrian government 60 years after Nazi soldiers stole them from her home. Reynolds will play the attorney who took her case.

Simon Curtis (My Week With Marilyn) will direct the film, which begins shooting later this month.

Maslany became a breakout thanks to her chameleon-like role on BBC America’s Orphan Black. So it comes as no surprise that parent company BBC, which is co-financing the film, would enlist Maslany to co-star in Woman in Gold.

Maslany will play a young Mirren in the flashback scenes.

David Thompson and Kris Thykier are producing, while the Harvey and Bob Weinstein are executive producing alongside Ed Rubin and BBC’s Christine Langan. Alexi Kay Campbell wrote the screenplay. Worldview Entertainment, which recently signed a five-year multi-picture partnership with TWC, is co-financing the film.

5 April 2014 Posted by

Ryan Reynolds (pictured above) and Daniel Bruhl have come on board to play attorneys in “The Woman in Gold” opposite Helen Mirren for The Weinstein Co.

Simon Curtis (“My Week with Marilyn”) will direct from a script by Alexi Campbell. Production is expected to start in May.

Mirren will play Maria Altmann, a Jewish refugee from Nazi Austria who was able to reclaim five family-owned paintings by the artist Gustav Klimt that were stolen by the Nazis. Reynolds will play the attorney who took his case despite knowing little about art and Bruhl will play his adversary.

Altmann became a naturalized U.S. citizen in 1945. She filed suit in federal court in 2000 to recover the paintings and received a favorable ruling U.S. Supreme Court ruling in 2004 that Austria was not immune from a suit.

In 2006, an arbitration panel of three Austrian judges found that Austria was legally required to return the art to Altmann and the other family heirs. Altmann died in 2011.

Reynolds is starring in Focus’ sci-fier “Selfless” and recently finished “Mississippi Grind.” Bruhl was seen in “Rush” and “The Fifth Estate” and will be seen in “A Most Wanted Man.”

Reynolds and Bruhl are both repped by WME.

2 February 2014 Posted by

Analeigh Tipton has been confirmed to be the newest cast member to join “Mississippi Grind”.

Fresh off working with Scarlett Johansson on Luc Besson’s action movie “Lucy,” Analeigh Tipton has signed on to join Ryan Reynolds in Ryan Fleck and Anna Boden’s drama “Mississippi Grind,” TheWrap has learned.

Fleck and Boden will direct from their own original screenplay. The filmmakers previously collaborated on the critically acclaimed dramas “Half Nelson” and “Sugar,” as well as “It’s Kind of a Funny Story.”

Reynolds stars as Curtis, a charismatic drifter who sets off with a down-on-his-luck poker player named Gerry (Ben Mendelsohn) on a road trip through the South, where the duo plan to win back what they’ve already lost.

Sienna Miller and Alfre Woodard co-star in the film, which will find Tipton playing Miller’s friend and roommate Vanessa, who Curtis and Gerry meet along their travels.

Jamie Patricof and Lynette Howell are producing through their Electric City Entertainment banner along with Tom Rice and Ben Nearn of Sycamore Entertainment, which is financing the project.

Production will take place in New Orleans, and WME Global is handling domestic rights.

2 February 2014 Posted by

DreamWorks Animation’s “The Croods” took home three awards at the 41st Annual Annie Awards, for Best Animated Effects (Jeff Budsberg, Andre Le Blanc, Louis Flores and Jason Mayer), Character Design (Carter Goodrich, Takao Noguchi and Shane Prigmore) and Character Animation (Jakob Jensen) in an Animated Feature Production.

Congratulations for the well-deserved wins!

3 November 2013 Posted by

For all of his undeniable charm, infectious playfulness on screen, good looks and star quality, Ryan Reynolds has always struggled to find critical acclaim. It’s not that too many critics necessarily thing Reynolds does poor work in his films, or even that all of these films are bad. It’s simply that Reynolds doesn’t seem to have found his breakthrough role yet – the one that takes him from Van Wilder aftermath to big time leading man, and perhaps awards consideration.

Some are speculating that this project may finally be in Reynolds’ hands, as the popular actor has reportedly been cast in the upcoming film “Mississippi Grind.” Deadline wrote a couple of months ago that Reynolds has stepped in to replace Jake Gyllenhaal, who had previously been rumored for the role, in what sounds like an old school gambling movie for a new generation.

These days, our definition of gambling is changing drastically. In Las Vegas, the average visitor prefers to simply play some video poker or camp out at slot machines than actually jump in on a card game with real people. People get absorbed in Betfair and similar online environments where poker, blackjack, and various other casino games are offered for real money, and where special promotions and bonuses are available for loyal members and VIPs. And sometimes, these sites even offer apps and mobile services for gamblers to enjoy on the go. In short, casino gaming has been made more convenient – and the result is, we’ve lost our grasp on the more rugged, “underground” aspect of the popular hobby.

It would seem from the early synopsis that “Mississippi Grind” is bringing this gritty, underground vibe back. The movie will follow an indebted gambler (played by the rapidly emerging Ben Mendelsohn) who links up with a younger partner (Ryan Reynolds) to tour the southern United States in an attempt to make some quick money gambling. There’s an undeniable “Rounders” feel to that synopsis, and as such we could easily see this movie gathering a cult following, and likely doing quite well.

Another factor working in Ryan Reynolds’ favor is that the film will be written and directed by Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck, who, as Cinema Blend notes, helped to skyrocket Ryan Gosling to critical acclaim with 2006’s “Half Nelson.” This implies that “Mississippi Grind” is exactly the kind of project Ryan Reynolds fans have been waiting for to give the capable actor a real chance to shine. Production on the film begins early in 2014, and here’s hoping it makes it to theaters quickly!

17 July 2013 Posted by

14 July 2013 Posted by

Don’t look now, but the 36-year-old Canadian actor may be Hollywood’s most undersung, unpretentious renaissance man. He’s blessed with the wit of an Oscar Wilde (by way of Van Wilder), the looks of a matinee idol (see People‘s Sexiest Man Alive, 2010), and the soul of an artist—albeit one who gets his kicks from postmodern anus art. Isn’t it time we took Ryan Reynolds kinda-sorta seriously?

DETAILS.COM – RYAN REYNOLDS IS STARING AT AN ANUS unlike any other he’s seen in his life, and it’s all my fault. The two of us are standing—in synchronous dumbstruckness—in the foyer of a Berlin art gallery, where we’ve just been greeted by a sculpture of a headless, armless bronze torso prostrated on a pedestal—ass-up, as it were—with its sphincter tied with a pair of what appear to be bronzed sneaker laces. “Wow,” Reynolds finally says, with a low exhalation. “That’s gonna be hard to masturbate to.”

We pivot to our left, where hanging on a wall is a large white canvas on which appear to be, at first glance, several rows of way-oversize fingerprints, as though cribbed from the Incredible Hulk’s arrest-booking record. A rinse of relief washes over me, because the art-gallery tour was my idea—I’d heard Reynolds was an art enthusiast—to spring us from the Berlin hotel where Reynolds has been living for five weeks while shooting the director Marjane Satrapi’s The Voices. I chose this gallery in the Mitte neighborhood because it was walking distance from the hotel and, from the photos on its website, seemed to be hosting an exhibit about motorcycles, another of Reynolds’ favorite subjects. The interview, as I’d imagined it, would be a kind of freewheeling Rorschach test—the jumbo card of fingerprints, for instance, perhaps inspiring Reynolds to talk about his father and brother, the former a onetime cop and the latter a constable with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in the 36-year-old actor’s native British Columbia.

But this is not what happens. Rebutting my interpretation of the painting, with the same ominous tone Obi-Wan Kenobi used when informing Luke Skywalker that the Death Star was no moon, Reynolds says, “Those aren’t fingerprints, man. They’re ass prints.”

It requires zero artistic acuity to see that Reynolds is right. Bouncily, he says, “Let’s go see if there are more butt holes over here.” We navigate our way into another room filled with . . . yeah, lots more. I’m cringing, a reporter in free fall. My attempt to give one of Hollywood’s most dazzling (if press-shy) leading men, People‘s Sexiest Man Alive in 2010, and the star of one of this summer’s blockbuster contenders a highbrow Rorschach test has landed us at an exhibition about what the gallery literature calls the “heterogeneous interfaces that are characterized by holes and passages.” Or, in a word, anuses.

But Reynolds doesn’t care. In fact, he thinks it’s hilarious, and to trail him through the gallery’s many odd and then odder rooms is to be shotgunned with more raunchy comic riffs and one-liners than are contained on a complete DVD set of Family Guy. (A DVD set, by the way, that would feature Reynolds, who has voiced cameos for the series.) Had my interview notes later been confiscated by German customs officers, I’m not sure how I would’ve been able to explain the following scribbled entries: “giraffe anus”; “Gulliver’s butt hole”; “sack of a thousand anuses”; and “Ernest Borgnine’s asshole.” Except by telling those customs officials: There’s a perversely funny guy working in your country right now. A perversely funny guy who also seems, two years after a series of personal and professional setbacks, to be finding his groove as both an actor and a man, if not as an art critic.

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13 July 2013 Posted by