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Jul 2013
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EXTRATV.COM – All eyes were on Blake Lively as she and hubby Ryan Reynolds arrived for the New York premiere of his film “Turbo” — both fabulous in Burberry.

Lively, known to have an eye for fashion, reportedly approved Ryan’s outfit. He said, “I think this is generally approved. You can’t really go wrong with Burberry.”

In the film, Reynolds plays a snail who dreams of winning the Indianapolis 500, and the actor dropped a spoiler. “Now I know what you’re thinking. That’s impossible. But, I’m gonna tell you right now – the film is animated.”

He also noted that his character is involved in a freak accident, giving him super speed powers, but Reynolds had another power in mind for his own tastes. “I’d like to fly. And baking is a super power. I’d like to bake one day… something that doesn’t turn out looking like a smoking turd.”

Jul 2013
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ABCNEWS.GO.COM – In an alternate universe somewhere, Ryan Reynolds is patrolling the streets as a cop, munching on blue M&M’s and avoiding red carpets at all cost.

But this is the real world and Reynolds, 36, is an A-list movie star married to one of the most elegant actresses in the world, Blake Lively, 25. At last night’s NYC premier of Ryan’s latest film “Turbo,” he told ABC News that if he’d never made his mark in acting, he most likely would have gone into law enforcement.

“I’d probably be a cop,” the “Van Wilder” star said. ”My dad was a cop and my brother’s one, that’s the family business.”

Hollywood dodged a bullet there, pun intended. But the quintessential lifestyle of a cop living with his wife in a more rural setting suits Reynolds, maybe more so than most actors. He’s a very down to earth guy, who is tucked away with Lively in Bedford, N.Y., and it’s well-known he likes his privacy.

In fact, he’s not a fan of the flashy red carpet premiers that most actors have to do to promote new movies.

“I don’t think anybody gets used to these carpets,” he said. “It’s a complete sensory overload, you’re fried by the end of it. You literally feel like you’ve ran a marathon.”

Also, it’s no surprise that after recently revealing he wants a big family with his “Gossip Girl” wife, that he’s great with kids.

The “Green Lantern” star was kind enough to entertain a 10-year-old aspiring journalist for Faith King, who got to interview Reynolds for the premier.

“I asked him what his favorite on-set snack was. He said blue M&M’s, he picks them out specifically,” King told ABC News.

The best part – Reynolds was so nice and unassuming that King said she wasn’t even star-struck. Was she nervous?

“No, I wasn’t. I want to interview Taylor Swift!” she added.

Tough Break Ryan. Maybe the NYPD is hiring?

Jul 2013
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TODAY.COM – Ryan Reynolds, star of the upcoming animated film “Turbo,” stopped by the TODAY plaza Tuesday morning for a friendly (and gigantic!) game of skee ball against Matt, Savannah, Natalie and Willie.

The competition heated up Monday night (see below: Snoop Dogg tweeted Matt!) as fans predicted which snail would win using the hashtags #TurboMatt, #TurboSavannah, #TurboRyan, #TurboNatalie and #TurboWillie on Twitter.

And while Matt was the fan favorite (thanks to Snoop’s help, Savannah argued), it was Ryan who won the vertical race.

NBC Sports commentator Leigh Diffey called the neck-and-neck competition. Ryan’s Turbo snail started in the lead, but soon Willie’s Burn was giving him a run for his money. Fan favorite Smoove Move, powered by Matt’s skee ball skills, eventually took the lead and nearly won.

That is, until Ryan hit the Turbo button, launching his snail ahead of the pack and across the finish line.

Matt called Ryan out immediately on his smooth move: “You brought out the Turbo on morning TV!”

“In my defense,” Ryan argued. “The film is called ‘Turbo,’ not ‘Matt Lauer.’ I had to win!”

Jul 2013
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NBCNEWS.COM – When you think of snails, chances are you don’t think of speed — and it’s even less likely that you think of Ryan Reynolds. But think again.

In his new film “Turbo,” the actor takes on the part of a slug who isn’t exactly what he seems.

“This is how it was pitched to me: ‘This is about a guy with an impossible dream winning the Indy 500,'” Reynolds explained during a Tuesday morning visit to TODAY. “I said, ‘What’s so crazy about that?’ They said, ‘He’s a snail.’ I said, ‘You better animate this movie, because what a painful production that would be.'”

All jokes aside, the leading man now looks at the part and feels a real connection to the animated character.

“I think we’ve all had somebody in our lives that said, ‘You’re not good enough, fast enough, tall enough, smart enough. You can’t do it. You Shouldn’t do it.’ I think everyone relates to that,” he said. “To able to persevere beyond that, despite what those voices are (saying), … I think it’s a really beautiful message.”

It’s a message that hits theaters July 17 — just two days before another Reynolds film, “R.I.P.D.”, opens. That prompted TODAY host Matt Lauer to ask the star which movie he’d choose to check out if he could only afford one ticket.

“That’s a brutal question,” Reynolds shot back. “I’ll hit the matinee twice!”

Jul 2013
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In the brand-new issue 209 of Total Film magazine, we celebrate all things X-Men, so it’s fitting that we find time for a chat with Ryan Reynolds, who played Wolvie’s one-time nemesis, Deadpool.

TOTALFILM.COM – Inside the issue, we chat with the R.I.P.D. star about the ongoing saga of the Deadpool spin-off movie, which has been mooted ever since he played Wade Wilson in X-Men: Origins – Wolverine. The film’s had a script from Zombieland writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, and Tim Miller is attached to direct.

For now, here’s a snippet of what Reynolds had to say about the status of the Merc with a Mouth’s spin-off movie…

“That movie is alive and kicking, and then it’s dead as a doornail. Then it’s alive and kicking and then it’s dead… it’s like the worst relationship I’ve ever had!”

“The character knows he’s a comic-book character, he knows he’s in a film, he knows who the executives are at the studio making the movie,” Reynolds explained. “In the current iteration of the script, Deadpool is aware of the Wolverine movie. He doesn’t say anything disparaging about it but he does at one point play with the Deadpool action figure with some curiosity.”

R.I.P.D. opens in the UK on 20 September 2013, after opening in the US on 19 July 2013.

For much more from Reynolds on Deadpool, R.I.P.D. and comic-book movies, pick up issue 209 of Total Film magazine, which is out now!

Jul 2013
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YAHOO.COM – Ryan Reynolds has his “head screwed on” when it comes to fame.

The actor has starred in numerous films including romantic comedies Definitely, Maybe and The Proposal.

In September 2012 Ryan married his Green Lantern co-star and Gossip Girl beauty Blake Lively.

The pair managed to keep the ceremony private and the star generally feels he has come out of the industry relatively unscathed.

“I’ve been lucky,” he admitted to Total Film.

“I’ve had my head screwed on right. I have a wonderful wife. I have a good family and three older brothers that just care about me and I care about them. I’m lucky that I’ve been able to navigate these choppy waters with some degree of trueness. I’m grateful for that.”

Action adventure Green Lantern, in which Ryan took on the role of the title character alongside Blake’s Carol Ferris, received disappointing reviews.

Despite what critics might say, the 36-year-old wouldn’t change anything about his career.

“I know that I have an obscenely wonderful life because of this business. And I know that I’m able to do something that I love and that I didn’t spend my life sitting at a desk hating some of the life choices I’ve made,” he said.

“I would never want to tell myself not to do something that turned out to be complete and utter sh*t – whether it’s a choice in my life or my career – because everything led to this moment. And I love this moment. I’ll always love this moment.”

In 2010, hunky Ryan took the crown for People magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive award.

When it comes to dreamy Hollywood actors, he has his own favourite – Drive‘s Ryan Gosling.

“I’ve been a big fan of his since… [2000 film] Remember the Titans,” he smiled.

“Yeah, he’s amazing. He’s doing such fantastic work. It’s kind of such an exciting time in film right now. There are a lot of young actors doing amazing things.”

Jul 2013
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DIGITALSPY.CO.UKTurbo has debuted a new trailer.

The video centres around the titular snail – voiced by Ryan Reynolds – who wants to go faster.

Following an accident inside the engine of a car, the mollusc is gifted with incredible speed.

The DreamWorks Animation film sees him volunteer to race in the Indy 500 for the sake of a struggling shopkeeper.

Paul Giamatti, Ken Jeong, Maya Rudolph, Michelle Rodriguez, Ben Schwartz, Kurtwood Smith, Snoop Lion and Samuel L Jackson also feature in the voice cast.

Turbo will arrive in cinemas on October 18.

Jun 2013
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DEADLINE.COM – Ryan Reynolds is set to star with Ben Mendelsohn in Mississippi Grind, the next film for writer/directors Ryan Fleck and Anna Boden.

The film focuses on a gambler on a losing streak who teams with a younger gambling addict, hoping to change his luck. They road trip through the South hoping fortune will smile upon them.

Fleck and Boden most recently directed Half Nelson and It’s Kind Of A Funny Story. The film is being produced by Electric City partners Jamie Patricof and Lynette Howell, and John Lesher through his Le Grisbi banner. Production will start early next year.

Reynolds is coming off Safe House, and next stars with Jeff Bridges in the Robert Schwentke-directed R.I.P.D. He has been mixing studio work with character pieces, and also completed the Atom Egoyan-directed Queen Of The Night, Voices, and the FilmDistrict/Endgame thriller Selfless. The latter is directed by Tarsem Singh, about a wealthy elderly man who gets a body transplant, with complications ensuing when he starts to uncover the body’s origins.

Reynolds is repped by CAA, and lawyered by David Weber. Mendelsohn is repped by CAA. Fleck and Boden are repped by WME and Management 360, and the film is being packaged by WME and CAA, which will sell domestic. Panorama is selling foreign. Emmett Furla Films had been in talks to finance the film, when Jake Gyllenhaal was attached to play the older gambler. That financier is still in the mix on the film, I’ve heard. Electric City is ready to start production on the Tim Burton-directed Big Eyes with Christoph Waltz and Amy Adams.