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21 January 2012 Posted by

Ryan was spotted returning to his apartment with his dog Baxter after a day of filming on location for his upcoming movie ‘R.I.P.D.’ Check out a few candids.

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15 January 2012 Posted by

Thanks to Tra, I added an untagged version of the poster for Ryans new movie Safe House. I also added candids of Ryan taking Baxter to work 2 days ago. Enjoy.

hr_Safe_House_5.jpg  001.jpg  002~0.jpg  003~0.jpg  005.jpg

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4 January 2012 Posted by

If a picture is worth a thousand words this one speaks volumes. A photo of actor Ryan Reynolds and his Gossip Girl, Blake Lively, has surfaced on the Internet, providing a behind-the-scenes shot of the couple celebrating Thanksgiving with family and friends.

The picture of the lovebirds was posted online by a person known only as ‘dtheman24’ who was using the iPhone app Instagram.

The mystery person added the caption: ‘Thanksgiving dinner table! Johnson’s [sic] and Livelys.’
The snap was taken last month at the Johnson Mill Bed and Breakfast in Utah, which is owned by Lively’s sister Robyn, and her husband, actor Bart Johnson.The two couples are shown sitting at the table, on the side nearest the wall.

Johnson, 40, who appeared in the High School Musical films, is the third from the left. He is sitting next to his wife Robyn, who is next to the 24-year-old Gossip Girl star.
Reynolds, 35, is sitting on the other side of his girlfriend – his co-star in the Green Lantern.

The Hollywood couple were spotted kissing each other in Utah that weekend.

Johnson’s mother Charlene runs the bed and breakfast full-time but he owns it despite living in Los Angeles with his wife and three children.

The photograph of the celebrity couples surrounded by family and friends is a grainy one but it clearly shows a relaxed Lively and Reynolds.
The Canadian actor divorced actress Scarlett Johansson earlier this year, while his blonde girlfriend had a summer fling with J Edgar star Leonardo DiCaprio.


3 January 2012 Posted by

A brand new movie poster for Ryan’s new film “Safe House” has been released! Looks great if you ask me. (Source: Perez Hilton, still looking for the untagged version)

Ryan Reynolds is starring in Safe House as a CIA agent on a mission to get Denzel Washington’s criminal character to a location safe and sound.

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13 December 2011 Posted by

Ryan and Jason Bateman were featured in the Italian december issue of Grazia magazine. Thanks to the Fashion Spot for these scans! Check them out by following the link below to the gallery.

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11 December 2011 Posted by

Blake and Ryan seem to be all over eachother the last couple of days. They were spotted getting a coffee together in NYC. They even went on a quick getaway a week ago to Utah. Camera’s found them sharing the love at the Johnson Mill Bed & Breakfast in Midway, Utah. Check out pics of the happy couple.

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21 November 2011 Posted by

Ryan Reynolds wears a suit and tie as he films scenes for his new movie ‘Safe House’ in Los Angeles on November 17, 2011. Reynolds, who has been rumored to be in a romance with Blake Lively, could later be seen riding off on his Triumph motorcycle.

001.jpg  002.jpg  003.jpg  004.jpg  005.jpg

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21 November 2011 Posted by

I added all kinds of missing magazine scans to the gallery. This section is not yet complete, but i will add more once i find them. Scans credit to the Fashion Spot and my good friend Mickey.

001.jpg  004.jpg  001.jpg  001.jpg  004.jpg

001.jpg  002.jpg  003.jpg  004.jpg  002.jpg

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21 November 2011 Posted by

Hi there, my name is Aniek and i am the new owner of Ryan Reynolds Fan. Cher hopefully will get back some day. I am very thankful for being the new webmiss and i can’t wait to bring all the latest news and updates around Ryan. Cher did an awesome job bringing all the latest and making this site for what it is now.

Well: Ryan was spotted at LAX aiport on November 16th and riding his motorcycle out in Los Feliz. I added candids from both dates. Check back soon for more updates! I am adding tons of scans as we speak.

001.jpg  003.jpg  005.jpg  006.jpg  008.jpg

001.jpg  002.jpg  003.jpg  004.jpg  005.jpg

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9 November 2011 Posted by

Ryan was spotted taking Baxter for a walk today (Nov 9th), in Boston. Click the below image to view more!