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18 July 2017 Posted by

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10 July 2017 Posted by

I’ve went and re-capped ‘The Amityville Horror’ in 1080p instead of the DVD quality that we had before. For some reason, I think the previous owner had skipped a lot of scenes because I got plenty more than what they had before which was around 400.

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8 July 2017 Posted by

Hello everybody! I recently bought ryan-reynolds.net from the amazing DeAdele who ran the site. I have a lot to catch up on and I will be adding everything when I can. You might know me from several sites such as Arielle Kebbel Source, Adoring Jennifer Lawrence, Aaron Taylor-Johnson Daily and Chace Crawford Source.

For now, I’ve added screencaptures, stills, and posters from Ryan’s latest film LIFE. Ryan played the role of Roy Adams. Ryan had a very small role and I’ve added what I could.

A team of scientists aboard the International Space Station discover a rapidly evolving life form, that caused extinction on Mars, and now threatens the crew and all life on Earth.

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1 February 2016 Posted by

ryanville1 Ryan will appear in a 30-second spot for Hyundai during the second quarter of Super Bowl 50 set to air on February 7 at 3:25 PM PT on CBS. Hyundai has released a teaser video and 2 teaser photos. The commercial featuring Ryan is called ‘Ryanville’ and it will show a woman being distracted as she drives through a neighborhood full of Ryan (now that I don’t mind!).

27 January 2016 Posted by

Ryan covers the March issue of Men’s Health in which he opens up about raising baby James out of the spotlight, the recent passing of his dad and how Deadpool helped him grieve. The issue will be available on the Apple iTunes Newsstand starting February 2nd, and on newsstands everywhere soon after that. Be sure to pick up a copy but otherwise, we will have scans from the magazine as soon as it becomes available.

Men’s Health March cover guy Ryan Reynolds is a different kind of mega-star: He exudes normality.

If there’s any ego there, it’s well concealed. Reynolds, who stars in the highly anticipated superhero action film, “Deadpool,” (out February 12), opens up to Men’s Health about the lessons learned from and final moments he shared with his dad (“I learned discipline from my father. Not in terms of corporal punishment, but being determined in whatever you do”), how fatherhood has changed him, and the new realities of physical fitness as he approaches 40—namely, warming up.

“I never did stuff like that back in my 20s, but I’m that guy now,” he says. “I’m the guy doing calisthenics. I’m doing jumping jacks and deep knee bends. I work out like a British person.”

More than a funny guy, Ryan Reynolds is one of the most successful actors in the world. Click for four rules he lives by.

25 January 2016 Posted by

Earlier today, Ryan posted on instagram a picture of himself hugging a picture of K-Pop star, HyunA, who appears to be hugging Deadpool. It turns out, it was in response to HyunA’s photoshoot for Korean fashion magazine ‘High Cut’ with Deadpool as part of the movie’s marketing campaign in South Korea. Gotta love this publicity stunt :)

This happened… and I don't regret it for a second. 사랑 @hyunah_aa

A photo posted by Ryan Reynolds (@vancityreynolds) on

19 January 2016 Posted by

Ryan made a surprise appearance at a supposedly fan Q&A session for “Deadpool” organized by Vsauce. Fans were promised exclusive scenes from the movie but they were instead treated to the whole movie (lucky folks!). According to People, Ryan told the crowd, “I know we were going to show you guys some footage but … hell, you wanna just see the whole film? Let’s just show you the whole movie!”

Blake was apparently also there and re-posted Ryan’s picture with an arrow pointing to where she was sitting.

@vancityreynolds who’s that babe in the back?! It was my first time seeing @deadpoolmovie tonight– yes, at the surprise screening for the fans, I mean who do I have to sleep with to get into this movie?! Have to say… Best. Movie. Ever. No joke. #??L makin mama proud ?

11 January 2016 Posted by

20th Century Fox has released a new rom-com style promotional banner for Deadpool — a slightly different tone than we’ve come to expect from the film. Another brilliant marketing campaign! With the V-day release, it’s only appropriate to have something like this to promote the movie. Click on the below two banners for bigger view.

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11 May 2013 Posted by

INDIEWIRE.COM – It’s been four years since Atom Egoyan’s last feature, the sleazy erotic thriller “Chloe,” but he’s making up for that absence by being very, very busy. He’s got two movies on the way — the already shot and in post-production West Memphis Three drama “The Devil’s Knot,” which he quickly followed up with “Queen Of The Night,” lensed earlier this year. And now, the first image from the film has arrived.

Ryan Reynolds, Scott Speedman, Mireille Enos and Rosario Dawson star in the film about the father of an abducted child who still thinks she’s alive. E1 has the distribution rights for Canada, but this will be repped in the market at Cannes, where it’s likely to get some attention. No release dates, but perhaps we’ll see it at TIFF? Here’s the official synopsis:

In Atom Egoyan’s new thriller, QUEEN OF THE NIGHT, Ryan Reynolds plays Matthew, the father of an abducted child, Cass. Eight years after his daughter’s abduction, a series of disturbing clues surface, convincing Matthew that Cass, now 17, is still alive. In a terrifying race against time, Matthew, the detectives, and even Cass herself must play their parts in unravelling the mystery of her disappearance and freeing her from captivity.