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13 September 2008 Posted by

I’ve added some recent candids of Ryan from the past few weeks/month to the gallery!

1 July 2008 Posted by

Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds on the set of “The Proposal”, filming in downtown Manhattan.{nl}{nl}[image=http://ryan.fan-sites.org/gallery/albums/2009_proposal/onset/thumb_proposal_onset_006.jpg] [image=http://ryan.fan-sites.org/gallery/albums/2009_proposal/onset/thumb_proposal_onset_001.jpg] [image=http://ryan.fan-sites.org/gallery/albums/2009_proposal/onset/thumb_proposal_onset_010.jpg] [image=http://ryan.fan-sites.org/gallery/albums/2009_proposal/onset/thumb_proposal_onset_008.jpg]{nl}{nl}BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS, Tuesday April 15, 2008, Sandra Bullock and co-star Ryan Reynolds in a speed boat filming a scene for their upcoming movie, “The Proposal”. It was very cold out on the water, and at one point, Ryan removed the jacket off his back and then tenderly wrapped it around Sandra’s shoulders.{nl}{nl}[image=http://ryan.fan-sites.org/gallery/albums/2009_proposal/onset/thumb_proposal_onset_022.jpg] [image=http://ryan.fan-sites.org/gallery/albums/2009_proposal/onset/thumb_proposal_onset_021.jpg] [image=http://ryan.fan-sites.org/gallery/albums/2009_proposal/onset/thumb_proposal_onset_024.jpg] [image=http://ryan.fan-sites.org/gallery/albums/2009_proposal/onset/thumb_proposal_onset_028.jpg]

7 June 2008 Posted by

I made over 400 screencaptures of Ryan in The Amityville Horror and added them all to the gallery. So check them out! I’ll be doing the extras when I have time, I also have quite a few images of Ryan on the set of The Proposal.

20 May 2008 Posted by

I apologize for my absence lately, I hope to have a ton of new updates for you soon! I’ve added a lot of new “Two Guys and a Girl” promotional images & episode stills today. Check them out!{nl}{nl}[image=http://ryan.fan-sites.org/gallery/albums/tv_twoguysagirl/promo/thumb_2guys_promo_039.jpg] [image=http://ryan.fan-sites.org/gallery/albums/tv_twoguysagirl/promo/thumb_2guys_promo_045.jpg] [image=http://ryan.fan-sites.org/gallery/albums/tv_twoguysagirl/promo/thumb_2guys_promo_049.jpg] [image=http://ryan.fan-sites.org/gallery/albums/tv_twoguysagirl/promo/thumb_2guys_promo_050.jpg]{nl}[image=http://ryan.fan-sites.org/gallery/albums/tv_twoguysagirl/epstills/thumb_2guys_still_054.jpg] [image=http://ryan.fan-sites.org/gallery/albums/tv_twoguysagirl/epstills/thumb_2guys_still_050.jpg] [image=http://ryan.fan-sites.org/gallery/albums/tv_twoguysagirl/epstills/thumb_2guys_still_045.jpg] [image=http://ryan.fan-sites.org/gallery/albums/tv_twoguysagirl/epstills/thumb_2guys_still_047.jpg]

11 April 2008 Posted by

I’ve re-added the screencaptures Gwen donated to us last week, as they got lost during the “hack”. I upgraded all my scripts (cutenews, coppermine, stramm), so hopefully the problems are over.{nl}{nl}

31 March 2008 Posted by

Hey guys, I’ve added some new candids of Ryan from a few weeks ago. I have another set to add to the gallery, so keep checking back for that.

15 February 2008 Posted by

Last tuesday February 12 the movie Definitely, Maybe went in premiere in New York City. I’ve added pictures of Ryan at the premiere and of Ryan and his cast mates at the TRL studios.{nl}{nl} {nl} {nl}{nl}I’ll add pictures of Ryan’s appearance on the Conan O’brien show (last wednesday) today as well.{nl}{nl}The Case For: Is Ryan Reynolds Better Bearded?{nl}www.thejay.com | Click here to read

13 February 2008 Posted by

I have added screencaps of the official Chaos Theory trailer, which you can view at the official site here. Along with the caps, I also added the promotional poster for the movie as well!

11 February 2008 Posted by

Ryan will be at ‘LIVE WITH REGIS AND KELLY’ on Friday February 15, 2008{nl}{nl}Also added some images to gallery of Ryan’s appearances at the Berlinale Film Festival. Where they held the premiere of his new movie: “Fireflies in the Garden”.{nl}{nl}

30 January 2008 Posted by

Hey guys, I’m Gel and I’ll be helping Cecile out a bit with the site! I’m currently getting on the candids section up-to-date. So far I’ve readded a few albums already and replaced a few MQs with HQs, so they should be in better quality now. You can find all of the updated albums in the candids section of the gallery. Enjoy and keep checking because I will be uploading some more of Ryan when he was in London!